**ALL of our kittens are registered in the Cat Fanciers' Association(CFA) in US and provided with an individual CFA certificate.

**ALL of our kittens are spayed/neutered by our veterinarian before adopted to new owners' home. Spaying or Neutering your cat will help to ensure the healthiest life of the cat.

**Vaccinations and Deworming are done by our veterinarian within 3 months and health certificates are given after checked by our veterinarian.

**ALL of our kittens are expected to be indoor pets only.

**We do not send our cats to Pet Shops.

**We ship internationally.


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Civic--silver tabby boy(16 Dec 2016 updated)

Harry--silver tabby boy(16 Dec 2016 updated)

Versace --ȪZkJ
Versace--silver tabby boy(16 Dec 2016 updated)

Sipadan --ȪZkJ
Sipadan--silver tabby boy(16 Dec 2016 updated)




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