Silver Tabby
Grand Champion, Divisional Winner
Tsu-Kee-Ah-Kee SeaFood of CalciFire
2008-09 7th Best Cat in championship
2008-09 3rd Best American Shorthair
International Asia/Latin America

An energetic boy with an excellent coating, always like to play with the water. Thanks Bob and Pat for offering us such smart boy !

Blue Tabby
Grand Champion Ameriah Wasa B of CalciFire
2007-08 National Best of Colour Class
2007-08 Japan Best of Colour Class
2007-08 Asia/Latin America 2nd Best of Colour Class

A shine boy with a sweet face and nice constrast of colour, his square muscular cheer and his big hands attract people very much. Thanks Koji for this wonderful boy.













Silver Tabby
Grand Champion Jo-Ni's Diamond Fire

A strong boy with big head type and hugh body, he has very good character. Thanks John for this cute boy.












Silver Tabby
Champion Sanx Hannival Rising

A lovely boy with balanced body type and cute face. His character is wonderful and He prefers to stay at home for sleeping rather than stay in the show hall. Thanks Mitsuyo for this cute boy.













Silver Tabby
Grand Champion Calcifire Silver Put Chai Pudding

This boy is out of our own breeding. His colour and pattern is very nice. His dam is Milky and sire is Diamond Fire. He did very well in the cat shows when he was a kitten. He is now a one show grand boy.



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