Blue Tabby
Grand Premier Mericat Marina Ayame of CalciFire

Our first ASH, She is now the Queen of our house and she can do whatever she wants !! Thanks Virginia for this little lovely.

Silver Tabby
Sanx Elizabeth Swann of Calcifire

A girl with snow white colour, energetic and likes to play with water. Thanks Mitsuyo for this snow Milky.













Silver Tabby
Champion Oreno Charmmy Forever of CalciFire

A hugh female with good characters, her coating is excellent. She will stay in your arms like a doll. Thanks Sakurai for this hugh doll.













Silver Tabby
CalciFire's Chubby of YatFung

A naughty and energetic gril, perfect pattern and muscular cheer. She likes to surf all around the house. Special Thanks Edmond for producing this girl together.















Silver Tabby
Sanx Amor Christinana of Calcifire

A very sweet girl with nice colour and pattern. Nice eyes colour and wonderful personality. Thanks Mitsuyo again for this pretty girl.



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